Group 2 Motorsport Tour

When:  September 16, 2006
Where: Group 2 Motorsports, Seattle, WA. 
 Join us as we tour Group 2 Motorsports in Magnolia. The folks at Group 2 do all sorts of maintenance and preparation for road, rally and race cars. Originally Alfa-focused, apparently they’ve had a more than a few Elise pass through their shop and have something to offer all of us Lotus freaks. Besides the shop itself, we’ve been invited to view a couple of car collections kept nearby including the McBride collection, John Goodman Racing, and Gerber Motorsport. No doubt that there will be plenty of hardware to gawk at. As an extra nice gesture from Joe English and the Group 2 crew, lunch will be provided. 
Photographer:  David Caley, Don Christopher (All rights reserved)