2008 Mountain Loop Road Drive

When:  August 16, 2008
Where:  Snohomish to Granite Falls to Mountain Loop Road, WA.   Driving Directions
 Join the ELCC on it's first drive of the summer of 2008. We'll meet at the Snohomish Bakery in downtown Snohomish at 10:00 AM for a top up of coffee and a look through the antique shops specializing in auto memorabilia. At 10:30, we'll head north out of Snohomish, pass by Stevens Lake and through Granite Falls, and regroup at the ranger station at entrance of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. From there, we'll follow the Mountain Loop Road for 15 miles as it winds along the Stillaguamish River and up the mountain valley to the Big Four Picnic Area, where we should arrive just before noon. We'll enjoy a ELCC-sponsored picnic lunch and check out the trails before heading back down the mountain.
Photographer:  Don Christopher, David Caley (All rights reserved)
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