JFC Tour

When:  September 26, 2009
Where:  Just Fast Cars, Auburn, WA
 JFC Racing is the new home base race shop headquarters for Jackson-Dean Construction.  In addition to their many in-house vintage racing projects, they also provide services for customers ranging from track day prep to custom wheel mounting, as well as full restorations. They have kindly opened their doors to us for a Saturday morning shop tour, and also share with us plans for future projects.  Two featured cars of the tour will be the 1978 Galles Lola Frisbee Can-Am car once driven by Al Unser Jr. and the monster ex-George Follmer UOP Shadow Can-Am. However the shop actually specializes in formula cars ranging from Vees to F-5000. But I also saw several GT cars, a shifter kart, and even an old front-engined dragster.  In addition, I have begged and pleaded for a demonstration of their mega-buck formula car SIMULATOR featuring actual working suspension and wrap-around large triple screens. This machine is near identical to the ones used by many of the current F1 teams to recreate circuits and suspension settings for driver training. So realistic, it might be advised to wear Nomex when operating it!  Coffee and donuts will be provided by JFC and the club.
Photographer:  David Caley (All rights reserved)
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