10th Annual Spring Sprints Karting

When:  March 13, 2010
Where:  K1 Speed, Redmond, WA
 Get your Saturday chores done early, then come join your fellow members for some friendly competition at the always-sunny K1 Speed kart track in Redmond. You will be amazed at the performance of these electric karts as they hit speeds of up to 40 mph on the straight-away. You’ll be hard on the brakes at the end of the straight, then drifting through the hairpin!  Official 2010 ELCC Karting rules are still being debated among a team of judges, but trophies (and year-long bragging rights) will be awarded to the winners. The winners podium saw some upsets last year, and I would say that even 200+ pound rookies stand a good chance of placing in the top three (speaking from experience).
Photographer: Don Christopher  (All rights reserved)
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